Weather you are selling a new home or a resale, make sure that you "declutter, clean and depersonalize". Avoid wonky design elements, it will limit your homes appeal. You are aiming for a broad style that would be popular with most prospects visiting your home. We have photographed hundred's of homes, below are our top recommendations for making your staged home a success with our 3D showcase:

  • You don’t want the buyer to focus too much on personal style. You want the layout enhanced so the buyers can see themselves in that house.
  • The rooms need to flow. You want to make sure you can walk around easily without tripping on anything.
  • Accentuate the positive. If you have a beautiful hardwood floor, don’t cover it with a rug.
  • Scale the furniture. You may have to remove some of the furniture. If chairs are blocking a fireplace, for example, you will want to move them.
  • Highlight all the good qualities of the home and tone down any of its failings.
  • Work within a neutral colour range and add only one accent colour.