FAQ- 3D Virtual TOurs

Q: What is Immersive 3d Photography?

A: We create 3D immersive virtual tour photo spaces using a special camera developed by Matterport. This equipment allows us to capture accurate visual and spatial data with high accuracy for impressive results.

Q: How can I view my space?

A: Once we have finished photographing your space, we provide you a website link. This link embeds the 3D immersive virtual tour and photo showcase on your website or real estate listing page.

Q: How long does it take to photograph my property?

A: It takes approximately 1 hour to image a 3D immersive photographic scan for every 1,000 sq/ft. of space.

Q: What turn-around time can I expect?

A: You virtual tour is usually available within 36 hours after the property 3D Photgraphy is completed. If you also order Floor Plans and include Mattertags, there will be more time required to process the virtual tour project.

Q: What are mattertags?

A: Mattertags expands upon the 3D immersive virtual tour experience by embedding text descriptions, video, audio, photos, and more, right into your 3D Spaces.

Mattertags explained

Q: How much does it cost?

A: All of our space and 3d immersive photographic scans include everything you need to showcase you space on your on website. The difference in cost is determined only by the size of the space being photographed. For an average 3,000 sq/ft. space, that works out to about .10/cents per sq/ft.

Contact us for a FREE estimate to prepare a 3D Tour of your space at (437) 775-9000.